"Aging" is the most universal phenomenon in life, yet it is also the most diverse and complex. The acquisition of life span is a very important issue in understanding the evolution of life, and the elucidation of the characteristics and molecular mechanisms of aging is an important issue that will revolutionize our future social infrastructure. We are interested in the aging rate, timing, physical properties, and sensory organs among other aging characteristics.

Currently we are focusing our research on aging-dependent organ dysfunction in the kidneys, joints and bones, in addition to diseases such as Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, depression and sarcopenia. Our goal is to understand the question of what is lifespan in organisms and how aging is controlled. We aim to develop biotech methods including a small compound and gene therapeutics to rejuvenate aging. 

研究室(早野元詞/Motoshi Hayano)では、生命に共通した老化をヒト、実験動物(マウスやサカナ)などを用いた本質の理解、特に老化の開始タイミングと速度に興味をもち研究を行っています。現在は、我々はアルツハイマー病、パーキンソン病、うつ病、サルコペニアなどの疾患に加えて、腎臓、関節、骨などの老化依存的臓器機能低下の研究に注力しています。エピゲノムや遺伝子解析、遺伝子編集、合成生物学から、物理、AI、deep learningなど幅広く活用して、創薬、医療機器開発を目指します。


①Aging "Speed" and "Timing" regulated by epigenome

Identification of factors driving aging "speed" and "timing" by using system biology, AI, and molecular biology in fish, mice, and humans.  Based on the aging platform including AI and gene-editing technology, we aim to develop small compounds and synthetic peptides to regulate aging and aging-related diseases. 


② Physical elasticity and Aging

Cells and tissues change their physical elasticity over time as they age, and physical elasticity regulates surrounding cellular functions as a signal.


③Non-visual photoreceptor regulating Aging

Non-visual photoreceptors, such as OPN5, are evolutionarily conserved and regulate aging as a non-visual signaling function.


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  1.  BRAIN and NERVEへバイオレットライトによる脳制御についての総説を記載しました。   Link  

  2. Socium. IncとのAI老化創薬に関する共同研究を開始しました。時間と共に複雑に変化する遺伝子、タンパク質をAIを使って解析し、サルコペニアなど老化関連疾患に対する創薬開発を目指します。   Link   

  3. The project working on non-visual photoreceptor, OPN5, starts a collaboration with Sumitomo Daichippon Pharma 2021/9/7     Link   

Recent Articles

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Media and Magazines

  1. 「光による非侵襲的脳機能制御—バイオレットライトとOPN5の新機能」早野 元詞、坪田 一男 BRAIN and NERVE 73巻11号 pp.1201-1207  2021.11.1     Link   

  2. 日経バイオテック Socium. IncとのAI老化創薬に関する共同研究を開始。2021.11.02    Link   

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